The Voice & Acting Studio of Casie Girvin

"My daughter had the privilege to take singing and acting classes with Casie for a year. Working with Casie was like pure Magic. Within a few months I noticed my child was trying types of songs that were challenging and fit her voice so beautifully. Casie is professional, always on-time, flexible, friendly and a joy to be around. She is fun and unique. Casie was able to make my daughter more confident and push her to have no fears and do her best. We love Casie and we are forever grateful for all she has done for Mahnaz."

-Melody Khalaj, mother of voice student (Philadelphia Studio)

"Before taking lessons with Casie, I knew barely anything about vocal technique. Through her lessons I learned to develop a full, rich, and healthy sound. Casie taught me not only how to properly use my voice, but how to transform a song into an emotional journey through each word I sing. She helped me grow so much as a performer and taught me many things that I use in every audition I go to."

-Gianluca Russo (Albany Studio)

"Casie helped me combat my audition anxiety. I had no confidence in myself when it came to theatre, and Casie really helped change that. We worked on my nervous ticks and the strength of my voice, and in the end, my confidence level went up a lot. I reauditioned for a company that original turned me away, and after working with Casie, I got in! She still helps me whenever I need it."

-Jenna Morrissey (Albany Studio)

"In just a few months Casie has helped not only my vocal skills but also my confidence sky rocket. With her help I have been able to add new songs to my rep, and successfully prepare for college auditions. She makes warming up and vocal exercises fun and has the amazing ability to tailor different exercises to my exact need. I now feel comfortable and courageous enough to share my voice with the world thanks to Casie!"

-Gracie Jimison (Philadelphia Studio) 


My mission is to make singing accessible to people of all ages and abilities. My goal is to not only teach students to sing in a healthy, productive way, but to work with them to become versatile and well-rounded artists

My studios (Philadelphia, New York City, Albany, NY, Online) consist of students ranging from children as young as six who just like to sing, to high school students preparing to major in performance in college, to adult folk singers. I teach primarily musical theatre and classical voice, however I do teach singers of all genres. I teach private voice and acting lessons, coachings, group classes, and master classes ranging from 30 minutes to multiple hours. 

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